Notice of AGM 2019

Our 22nd annual General Meeting of Mossel Bay Surf Lifesaving Club will be hosted on 28 September 2019 from 15h00 – 17h00 at Mossel Bay Surf Lifesaving Club house at Diaz Beach.

Nominations of club committee

Thank you to all who put forward nominations of club committee before the deadline on 07 September 2019. 

The benefit of nominations ahead of the AGM is that it gives the current committee opportunity to approach the nominees and let them know what is involved in each portfolio. They have time to think about if they are keen to do the job should they be voted in. It is more fair to the nominees this way. It also ensures that the AGM runs more smoothly as everyone knows beforehand who the nominees are. It is in the club’s best interests that members participate in this way.

Download list of committee nominations here

Please note votes for the committee members can be cast at the AGM. Only paid up members will be able to cast vote. Membership list and club constitution will be available at clubhouse the day of AGM.


The Agenda will be available on website and at clubhouse from the 14 September 2019 and will be shared on the MBSLC WhatsApp group.

Enquiries can be made to

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